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What Foods Should You Avoid with Dentures?

September 9, 2023

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Dentures provide a reliable and attractive form of tooth replacement. They can allow you to eat many foods with ease! However, they do have a number of limitations. Because they are not as strong as natural teeth, you may need to make some modifications to your diet. What foods should you avoid with dentures? This blog post provides some practical tips.


Popcorn is a delicious treat for movie night, but you probably recall how annoying it can be to get a kernel or hull lodged between your natural teeth. With dentures, the experience can be even worse. Tiny pieces of popcorn might sneak beneath your prosthetic and cause persistent irritation.

Of course, popcorn is not the only food with small hard parts that could cause problems. Use your best judgement when deciding whether to consume foods that contain seeds or similar items.

Steak and Other Chewy Meats

Steaks are usually a bit on the chewy side, which can pose a challenge for denture wearers, particularly those who are new to using their prosthetic. Other chewy and dry meats can cause similar problems. You may find it easier to consume things like ground meat and poultry until you are well-adapted to using your dentures.


Nuts are highly nutritious and satisfying, but they are not great for individuals with dentures. Because nuts are hard, they could damage or destabilize your dentures if you do not chew them exactly right. Plus, they can break down into small pieces that might cause some gum irritation.

Sticky Foods

Dentures are secured in the mouth with the help of natural suction or an adhesive. Unfortunately, some sticky foods can overpower those staying mechanisms. In fact, things like toffee and caramel might pull your teeth right off of your gums!

You should also be cautious with chewing gum. Unless you are using a type that is specifically designed for people with dentures, it would be wise to avoid it altogether.

Highly Pigmented Beverages

If your prosthetic teeth are made out of acrylic, they have tiny pores in them that can collect pigments over time. Things like red wine, coffee, and tea could discolor your smile! Try to consume such items only in moderation. Sipping them through a straw can minimize their contact with your denture.

Do You Want More Food Options?

This blog post makes it obvious that traditional dentures can put some significant limitations on your diet. If you would like greater freedom in your food choices, ask your dentist if you qualify for implant dentures. Because they are anchored in the mouth by prosthetic tooth roots, they are incredibly strong. They can stand up to virtually any food with ease!

Dentures can serve you well if you are careful with what and how you eat. Make wise food choices so your teeth can thrive.

Meet the Practice

The team at All Dental in Watertown has a wealth of knowledge and experience that we are ready to share with our precious patients. If you have questions about how to care for dentures or how to eat with them, we would be pleased to speak with you. We can also assess your candidacy for dental implants. To learn more about how we may be able to serve you, contact our office at 617-924-9993.

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