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Dentures – Watertown, MA

Cost-Effective Tooth Replacement

Smiling senior woman with dentures in Watertown MA

Extensive tooth loss can adversely affect your confidence and your quality of life. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers a number of options that can rebuild your smile. Dentures in Watertown present an efficient and cost-effective solution for many patients. Continue reading this page to learn more about how we can provide you with a reliable, natural-looking prosthetic. When you are ready to schedule your denture consultation, get in touch with the friendly team at All Dental Center.

Why Choose All Dental Center for Dentures?

Who Is a Good Candidate for Dentures?

Senior woman in white shirt enjoying her new dentures

If tooth loss has negatively affected your ability to eat your favorite foods, speak clearly, and smile with confidence, dentures may be exactly what you need. Commonly, candidates for this treatment:

Types of Dentures

Full and partial dentures arranged against neutral background

Not all dentures are the same. When you your dentist in Watertown, we will learn more about your oral health, your budget, and your treatment goals before we recommend your next steps. Depending on your situation, we might suggest that you receive one of the following types of dentures:

Partial Dentures

Two partial dentures with metal attachments against white background

If your remaining natural teeth are still somewhat healthy, you might need a partial denture. This type of prosthetic fits in around the natural teeth, sort of like a puzzle piece. Metal or acrylic attachments help it to stay in place. The prosthetic teeth themselves may be either acrylic or porcelain.

Full Dentures

Full upper and lower dentures against white background

A full denture replaces an entire arch of lost teeth. They usually consist of an acrylic base that supports acrylic or porcelain teeth, and they are always custom-made to fit with a patient’s unique jaw and gum structure. Natural suction or a mild adhesive helps them to stay in place.

Implant Dentures

Illustration of implant denture for lower dental arch

Conventional dentures are effective, but they do have their drawbacks. For patients who are interested in the longest-lasting, sturdiest way to replace lost teeth, we typically recommend implant dentures. They are secured in the mouth via prosthetic tooth roots, which stabilize the artificial teeth on top of them and prevent bone loss in the jaw.

The Benefits of Dentures

Senior woman enjoying apple with help of dentures

Some of the top benefits of dentures include:

Understanding the Cost of Dentures

Full set of dentures in Watertown next to dental mirrors

The cost of dentures in Watertown tends to be accessible for most patients. During your consultation, we will provide you with a price estimate and help you explore options for making your treatment as affordable as possible. For example, we can help you apply for financing or file dental insurance claims.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Dentures

Three partial dentures casting shadows on tabletop

Some factors that influence the price of dentures in Watertown include:

  • Preliminary treatments. Some patients require gum disease treatment or tooth extractions before they can get dentures.
  • Dentures usually tend to be made out of acrylic and/or porcelain. These materials can come from various manufacturers and carry differing price points.
  • The type of denture. Full dentures, partial dentures, and implant dentures have significantly different prices.

Keep in mind that if you ever find a deal for “cheap” dentures, the quality may not be what you hoped for. It is always best to opt for top-tier care from the beginning!

Are Implant Dentures More Expensive?

Implant dentures for lower arch, supported by six implants

Yes, implant dentures come with a significantly higher upfront cost than their traditional counterparts. They take more time, materials, and skill to design and place than normal prosthetics. Despite their increased cost, however, they are a smart investment for several reasons:

  • They last much longer than traditional dentures, making them a better overall value.
  • They provide a greater bite force, enabling you to eat all of your favorite foods without worry.
  • They do not slip in the mouth, allowing you to smile with complete confidence.
  • They look and feel as natural as possible in the mouth.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dentures?

Medical professional holding iPad displaying dental insurance info

It is fairly standard for dental insurance policies to cover dentures. Usually, they are considered to be a major procedure, meaning that roughly half of their cost is covered, up to the amount of a plan’s annual maximum. Our team will be happy to help you figure out exactly how your plan applies. We can also file claims for you and provide suggestions to help you get as much value out of your benefits as possible.

Other Options for Making Dentures Affordable

Piggy bank, calculator, and tooth arranged against blue background

As your denture dentist in Watertown, we want to do everything in our power to help you afford your treatment. To that end, we offer a few convenient provisions:

  • We work with CareCredit to allow patients to pay for their treatments over time. Most patients are eligible for credit.
  • Essential Dental Plan. This discount plan allows patients to enjoy reduced fees on virtually all the services we offer.
  • We periodically offer promotions to help patients save on care. For example, we sometimes provide free dental implant consultations.

Are you prepared to learn more about dentures and their cost? Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Denture FAQs

Woman sitting on sofa, smiling with dentures in Watertown

As your denture dentist in Watertown, our team is ready to help you replace your lost teeth and once again enjoy a confident smile. Before you contact us to learn more about our services, however, you may want to know more about what you can expect during the journey ahead of you. To help you out, we have put together the following list of FAQs, along with succinct answers. Please give us a call if you would like further explanation on anything you discover here.

How Long Will You Have to Wait to Get Dentures After Your Teeth Are Pulled?

Traditionally, the wait time between extractions and denture placement is 6 – 8 weeks. This allows the gums time to heal so they can easily support prosthetic teeth.

However, the 6 – 8 week wait time is not a universal rule. Some patients opt to get immediate dentures, which are prepared prior to extractions and placed immediately afterward. They will need to be adjusted more often than traditional dentures, but many patients love that they do not have to go without teeth for even a single day.

If you are getting implant dentures, you may have to wait a few months or longer following extractions to get your new teeth.

Can I Sleep with My Dentures?

When you first get your dentures, you should keep them in your mouth for 24 hours. Afterward, however, you should take them out at night. Removing them gives you a chance to thoroughly clean both your mouth and your prosthetic. It also allows your gums a chance to rest.

If you never want to go without teeth, you may find it beneficial to opt for a permanent implant denture, which will only be removed when you visit us for dental services.

Will It Hurt to Get Dentures?

If you need to undergo extractions before you get dentures, you can expect some soreness for at least a few days following your tooth removal procedure. Some patients take a week or longer before their pain begins to subside. Pain medication and rest can take the edge off of any discomfort.

Once you get your denture, you may find them to be a bit uncomfortable while you are adapting to using them. It may take weeks or months before they feel like a natural part of your smile. If you experience any severe pain or irritation, you should call us and ask for guidance.

Is It Hard to Talk with Dentures?

Ultimately, dentures in Watertown should help you to enjoy clearer, more precise speech. However, when you first get them, it might feel strange to talk with them. You might even have a lisp. The more you practice speaking, the easier it will be for you to talk easily. Reading out loud and chatting with family members can be excellent ways to get used to how dentures feel while you are speaking with them.

If your dentures slip a lot while you are talking, they might need to be adjusted, or you may need to use adhesive to keep them in place.

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