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3 Important Reasons to Soak Your Dentures Overnight

September 5, 2023

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Hand preparing to place cleansing tablet in water with denture

After a long and tiring day, have you ever been tempted not to soak your dentures overnight? Perhaps you thought about simply setting them on your nightstand or even keeping them in your mouth. While it might seem like no big deal to skip your prosthetic’s nightly soak, there are actually some noteworthy reasons why you should never do that. What exactly are those reasons? Read this blog post to find out.

Soaking Is One of the Best Ways to Clean Your Dentures

When you look at and touch your denture, it might seem like it has a completely smooth surface. In truth, though, the acrylic that makes up its base is actually porous. If the teeth are acrylic, they also have tiny pores. Those little spaces can collect bacteria. Over time, bacterial accumulation could cause your prosthetic to become odorous or discolored. It might even lead to oral health problems.

While brushing your dentures can get rid of some bacteria, it cannot give them a deep clean. You should soak your dentures in a dentist-approved cleaning solution, which can penetrate the dentures’ pores and keep it as clean as possible.

Your Gums Need a Rest

Conventional dentures should not be worn 24/7. If you left them in your mouth overnight, you would increase your risk of infections because you would not be able to adequately clean your gums and the underside of your prosthetic. Plus, the constant pressure on your gums and jaw could cause accelerated bone loss.

When you take your dentures out each night to soak them, you give your oral tissues some much-needed time to rest and recover.

You Can Preserve Your Dentures’ Shape and Function

Instead of taking a moment to prepare a cleaning solution or simply place their dentures in some water, some people decide to leave their teeth out in the open. For example, they might place them on their nightstand or bathroom counter. Doing so is unwise.

Dentures require a moist environment in order to keep their shape. If you frequently allow them to dry out overnight, they may no longer fit properly. They could also lose their flexibility, becoming hard and very uncomfortable. You could even cause serious damage to them and end up having to buy a new set before you planned to.

When you are worn out, soaking your dentures might seem like a challenging chore, but it is well worth the effort. You deserve to have a clean, fresh, and functional set of teeth!

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