Dental Hygienist, Dentistry Watertown, MA

Dental Hygienist Watertown MA

We are pleased to introduce one of our favorite people to you, Zina Gassel.

She is one of the best dental hygienists in the world, but she is more than that too. Zina is a valued part of our team and our office family. She brings light and comfort to all our patients as well as world class expertise in dental care. We could not be happier to have someone like Zina on our team.

She has been a registered hygienist since 1997 and brings all those years of experience and care to our patients. She holds a doctorate in Dental Medicine from the University of Moscow. You simply will not find a dental hygienist anywhere with more training, more experience, or more skill than Zina and that's why we are so thrilled to have her as part of our practice.

Zina is an expert in all aspects of periodontal care and dental procedures.

Patients benefit from her unmatched skill and knowledge, but we think they most appreciate the unwavering care and compassion she extends to each patient. We are proud of the work and service of Zina Gassel.

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