Sedation is one of the latest methods of fear control in dentistry. Modern developments in pharmacology have given dentists oral drugs that produce a profound state of relaxation. Such level of safety was not possible just 10 years ago.

Taken as a pill one hour prior to the start of dental treatment, this sedative technique is very well accepted by patients.

Sedation Dentistry – Benefits

  • Relax through your dental appointment.
  • Small pill prior to dental treatment, no intravenous tubes or needles.
  • About 50% of patients have no memory of the dental procedures performed.
  • Short recovery time.
  • Less post-treatment pain.
  • Complex dental treatments that often require six to eight appointments (like dental crowns, root canals, Periodontic treatments, dental surgeries), can be done in as little as one visit!

Do you need sedation? Yes, if you …

  • If you had bad dental experience before.
  • If you are afraid of needles and shots.
  • If you just can’t get numb.
  • If your teeth are just too far gone.
  • If you have a very busy schedule.

Once you’ve experienced sedation dentistry with All Dental Center in Watertown, MA, you’ll never be afraid to go to the dentist again.
You’ll be sedated just enough to be unaware of the treatment, as if you were relaxing.  You’ll wake up refreshed, with little or no memory of what was accomplished.  Because you are completely comfortable, we at All Dental Center in Watertown, MA can do years of dental treatments in as little as one or two visits.
We can restore sore gums, fix a chipped tooth, perform a root canal treatment, replace crowns and bridges, whiten teeth, and more.
People with very busy schedules can get the dental care they need, easily and quickly in one or two visits.

All Dental Center will take care of your dental needs while you relax!



• American Academyh of Cosmetic Dentistry
• International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetic
• Academy of General Dentistry
• American Academy of Orofacial Pain

Dr. Orlov is committed to value not only the health and wellbeing of a patient’s dental condition, but also placing the utmost importance on the health of the entire person. He is committed to provide complete care that is sensitive to patients’ dental, philosophical, emotional and financial concerns. The office atmosphere reflects an environment that is welcoming, warm and peaceful. Dr. Orlov works to provide informative, non-threatening knowledge to the patients which in-turn fosters a relationship of trust and confidence. He is working very hard to ensure good communication by responding to patients’ questions, input and feedback. When a patient is informed and knowledgeable of the procedure and treatment needs, stress is reduced and a positive outcome of the treatment/healing process can be achieved. Dr. Orlov tries to work and develop advanced diagnosis and successful, non-invasive treatments of orofacial and TMD pain disorders and headaches according to the concepts of Neuromuscular Dentistry and technology initially developed by Dr. Bernard Jankelson and improved by Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Science.

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