Tooth Loss and Children: When Should They Lose Their First Tooth?

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Tooth Loss and Children: When Should They Lose Their First Tooth?

Losing baby teeth can be a scary, yet exciting time for children. As a parent, your job is to reassure your child not to worry about pain. This can be done by explaining the process of how teeth grow and fall out. A Watertown dental office visit to see a dentist could also help your child learn about his teeth and better understand what’s about to happen. It’s typical for children to lose their teeth around five or six years old, but can start as early as four years old or late as eight years old. Late teethers tend to have their teeth fall out later than early teethers. Also, girls tend to lose their teeth earlier than boys. If you need a refresher course on how tooth loss occurs in children, read on. 

What Happens When Baby Teeth Become Loose

When baby teeth get loose, it can be painful and scary for younger children. The first teeth that tend to fall out are the ones located on the lower jaw. To help your child deal with loose teeth, follow these tips:

  • Explain to your child that losing teeth is a natural experience and that it means that his or her adult teeth will replace them. 
  • Use over-the-counter medications for pain and inflammation or cold compresses to help ease the pain in the gums. It’s a good idea to get a recommendation from your dentist in Watertown for the proper methods and medications to use for your child. 
  • Try using the tooth fairy as a way to lighten the mood. Most children find the concept to be amusing and fun and will help them anticipate losing their tooth in exchange for a coin. 

Recommendations to Parents

It’s common for parents to yank out loose teeth using their hands or a string, but this could end up damaging the root under the gums if it is not yet ready, which could lead to an infection. You’ll know the tooth is ready to come out if it can be rotated without pain. This means that the root has disintegrated. It’s rare for children to need a dentist to pull out the teeth, but if it is stubborn, you should consult with your Watertown dental clinic

Once the new adult teeth grow in, you’ll notice that they are less white and have ridges because they have not been smoothed down by chewing and biting. Some may notice a new set of teeth coming in before the baby teeth fall out or even become loose, but this is a temporary stage. 

Ensuring that your child sees a Watertown dentist regularly is very important during their phases of growing baby teeth and adult teeth.

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