Suffering A Dental Emergency in and around Watertown, MA?

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Suffering A Dental Emergency in and around Watertown, MA?

Here’s What You Should Do.

Dental emergencies, while not immediately catastrophic to overall bodily health, can lead to debilitating pain and severe discomfort. Never fear, however, as our dental clinic in Watertown, MA, is equipped to perform procedures like emergency sedation dentistry and periodontics to put you at immediate ease.

While our bodies are magnificent specimens of biological engineering, they’re also prone to the occasional failure – much like the best machines. From a sudden, sharp toothache to a sustained dental injury, these emergencies are one of those failures and they happen more than most people think.

A Surprisingly Common Occurrence

According to the NCBI, around 44% of dentists will have at least one patient with a dental emergency in one year – with the condition being serious around 8% of the time. At All Dental Center, we’re equipped with the resources and personnel to handle the most severe dental emergencies in Watertown, MA. Make an appointment at our clinic to enjoy immediate, state-of-the-art oral healthcare.

How to Deal with the Most Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can take many forms; here are the most common ones and things you must do as soon as each one occurs:

  • Toothaches: try to clean the area around the tooth and remove any particles or debris that might be causing the irritation. Apply a cold compress to soothe the pressure.
  • Knocked out or loose tooth: If the tooth has been totally removed, find it, rinse it off with clean water, and keep it until you get to the dentist. Avoid touching a loose tooth directly, instead, gently apply a cold compress for the irritation.
  • Broken/chipped tooth: Start by recovering any of the separated pieces you can find and storing it/them in a safe container. Cover over the jagged remaining tooth with a soft material like dental wax to stop it from injuring the inner mouth.

Immediate Care is Paramount

When individuals find themselves in a dental care emergency, the first instinct oftentimes it to provide immediate relief and “wait out the storm”. This reaction is usually due to the fear that most have of the pain involved in these procedures as well as their costs.

On the contrary, however, modern advances in anesthesia have meant that most dental procedures are borderline painless. On the cost front, allowing these conditions to worsen can often lead to even more expensive and extensive dental treatments. Visit us at All Dental Center to act swiftly and get ahead of any potential future complications.

Prevent First

The popular saying goes, “to prevent is better than to cure”. On that note, here are a few tips to safeguard you against medical emergencies:

  • Don’t use your teeth for tasks other than chewing
  • Avoid extremely hard foods like popcorn where necessary
  • Always use mouthguards when playing sports
  • Brush and floss regularly to prevent the buildup of materials that could weaken the tooth enamel and gums

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