Overcoming The Fear of The Dentist

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Overcoming The Fear of The Dentist

Fearing the dentist's office, dentist’s chair and dentist's tools is a common fear experienced by many. This fear leads to many people foregoing regular dental exams and dental treatments. Avoiding the dentist altogether can, unfortunately, lead to more serious problems, making a dentists in Watertown visit worse than it would have been with proper care. Overcoming your dental fear helps you establish a relationship with your dentist through regular visits. Establishing this relationship will lead you to better trust your dentist and become familiar with their routines, minimizing the anxiety of unexpected procedures. The dentists as All Dental Center in Watertown understand that going to the dentist is a common fear experienced by many, and would like to offer these helpful tips to help those overcoming the fear of the dentist. 

Understand That Your Fears Are Normal

Understanding and recognizing your fears is an important first step in overcoming those fears. Fears of the dentist can stem from bad childhood experiences at the dentist and from the common belief that majority of procedures hurt. The truth surrounding this is that many treatments and instruments have changed over the years. Dentists today have far greater tools and knowledge in order to better minimize discomfort of their patients. 

Do Your Research

When searching for the perfect Dental Clinic in Watertown, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. You want to find a dentist that is close to your home or work. This will make it less of an inconvenience to make and keep your dental appointments. When searching for a dentist, ask for recommendations from family and friends. Ask why they like their dentist and why they choose to keep returning. You want to find a dentist that is not only skilled, but one that is patient and understands your fears and is capable of helping you work through those fears. Finding the right dentist will help you feel more comfortable with the choice you made and in the dental chair. The dentists located at the Dental Clinic in Watertown understand that fear is a normal feeling of most of our patients. Trust our staff to work with you through understanding and communication to overcome these fears. 

Talk With Your Dentist

Talking with your dentist will help you address your biggest fears before procedures. There are certain things that can be done to minimize discomfort during the procedure. These things can be explained in greater detail by your dentist. Sedation procedures help ensure you experience no pain during the process. You and your dentist can agree on a special sign that means stop. This allows you to stop the procedure if you are too anxious or feel pain. Giving the patient some form of control helps ease some of their anxiety. Some patients prefer to know what is going to happen before anything takes place, while others just want the whole procedure to be done as quickly as possible. Talking with your dentist will help them understand your wishes. Some people become more anxious knowing what is fixing to take place, therefore addressing these concerns with your dentist helps them better treat you with little fear and discomfort. The dentist at Watertown Dental Clinic understand your fears and will work together with you to get through your dental treatment as quickly and painlessly as possible. 

Tips To Take To The Dentist

There are a couple of things that you yourself can do to minimize anxiety during your dental visit. On your first visit to the dentist take a friend or family member with you. Having someone that you know and trust there with you, helps ease some of your anxiety. Bring music to listen to while the procedure is going on. The music will distract you while the dentist performs any dental work, and relaxing music will help to calm your nerves. Breathe slowly and through your nose during the procedure. Holding your breath and increasing your breathing both lead to elevated levels of anxiety, which will make the process scarier. 

Remember that overcoming your fear of a dentist is not going to happen overnight. While all of these tips will help overcome that fear, they do not all have to be done at once. Schedule an examination so that you get a chance to meet and talk with the dentist. At your second visit get a cleaning performed. Low stress treatments that are successful will go a long way at easing your anxiety. We here at the Dental Center in Watertown understand that anxiety over dentists and dental treatments are common.

We can work with you to successfully overcome your fears, at your own pace, for a healthy and beautiful smile. 


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