Facts Dentists Wish All Their Patients Knew

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Facts Dentists Wish All Their Patients Knew

Many people believe that taking care of your teeth is merely for cosmetic purposes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Others believe that simply going to the dentist in Watertown twice a year means they have a healthy mouth. This also is not completely true. There are certain things that the dentists at All Dental Center in Watertown wish everyone, especially their patients, knew. 

Don’t Rush When You Brush

Everyone knows to brush their teeth. Contrary to this, many people do not know how to properly brush and how long to brush for. Proper home care of your teeth is vital to maintaining good oral health. Teeth should be brushed twice per day. Two minutes of brushing helps to clean teeth better. Brushing for less than two minutes typically does not clean teeth properly and remove all the bacteria which has formed since the last brushing session. Leaving bacteria behind causes the formation of plaque buildup on teeth.  This in turn leads to tooth decay. Brush at least twice a day and for two full minutes each time to remove as much bacteria as possible. When brushing, pay special attention to the back teeth and be sure to clean those teeth as well. 

If Your Health Starts To Dip You May Need More Frequent Trips

Majority of the time, two visits to the dentist per year is sufficient. This, however, is not the case for everyone. Those with certain conditions should visit their dentist on a more frequent basis. Those with tooth and gum problems should see their dentists more frequently. Despite this, that does not mean that if you do not experience these issues you don’t have to go to the dentist at all. Many serious conditions that affect the teeth and gums start with simple signs. For example, bleeding gums may not seem like a serious problem, but it can be the start of a serious problem that will not get better without proper treatment. Don’t wait until serious problems arise to see the dentist. Bleeding gums is a concern that should not be ignored, but addressed as soon as possible. Others with heart conditions and diabetes may need to visit their dentist more frequently as well. Talk with your dentist about other conditions you may have, and together you and the dentists at the Dental Clinic in Watertown can determine how frequently you should receive dental checkups. 

Things In Your Mouth, Lip or Cheek Damage Your Teeth

Piercings may look neat, but they damage your teeth. People with tongue piercings have an increased risk of chipped teeth. The piercing can hit the teeth while talking causing cracks and chips. The tongue is also used to push food to the back of the mouth while chewing. The piercing can get lodged between the back teeth and bitten. While this may not damage your tongue piercing it can do a number on your teeth. Even piercings with a soft tip typically usually have a metal rod through the tongue. This can also get bitten and cause chipping and cracking. 

Dentists Are Smart, But You Have To Do Your Part

Among things that dentists wish their patients knew knowledge is one of those. This knowledge is not commonly known by most, it is gained through insight during the procedure. You should engage with the dentist at Watertown Dental Center just as you would your physician or any other doctor treating conditions. Questions about your procedure should be addressed during your visit. Questions concerning treatment options and expected outcomes give you and your dentist the chance to explore all available treatment options and find the one that best suits you. Questions about your condition in general help you gain a better understanding of how the condition developed and what steps should be taken to avoid future similar conditions. Questions about healing and proper care, once treatments are complete, should be asked so proper home care is applied. Asking questions before and after the procedure helps you, the patient become better informed about the health of your teeth and how to keep them healthy. 

A Child’s First Trip Shouldn’t Involve a Fit

In addition to things that dentists wish their patients knew about themselves, there are also a couple of things parents should know when it comes to bringing their children to the dentist, especially for their first visit. Talk with your dentist at the Watertown Dental Center  in advance to get helpful ideas to properly prepare your child for their visit. Try to schedule the appointment at a time when your child is not tired, and a light healthy snack before the visit will help keep them calmer during the procedure. Never use the dentist as a threat to your child, and make dentists stories positive. Don’t talk about bad dental experiences in front of your child, this will add unnecessary fear. 

Here at All Dental Center we welcome your questions and encourage them.

We will talk with you about your procedure, proper preventative measures, and proper home care once your procedure is complete. We welcome younger patients and can address any concerns you may have prior to bringing them.

We will also offer helpful advice to help you maintain your beautiful smile for life. 


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