What`s to be Done about Sensitive Teeth?

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What`s to be Done about Sensitive Teeth?

All Dental Center Watertown is a Watertown dentist that sees patients with range of needs. We work diligently in our Watertown dental office to see that everyone needing Watertown dentistry receives the best care possible.

Sensitive teeth is one persistent issue we encounter often with patients at our dental clinic in Watertown. With dental in Watertown, we want to solve this problem in the best way possible for each of our patients in our Watertown dental office.

Does the special toothpaste help?

Sometimes. If you seek out the approved products such as toothpastes designed for sensitive teeth, you might notice a difference. Typically, they have to be used over a period of time in order to see results. Sometimes they do not completely solve the sensitivity problem. Your teeth may still react to pressure, liquids, cold, heat, or other triggers that punctuate your sensitivity problem.

All Dental Center Watertown is sympathetic to this problem. Tooth pain of any type can inhibit life and as your Watertown dentist, we want to help you solve it.

Could there be other problems too?

Yes. If over the counter products do not mitigate tooth sensitivity, the source of the pain could be something else and might get worse. Receding gums could also play a role as the tooth doesn’t have protective enamel coating. There could be food particles trapped that might lead to infection issues. There could be undiagnosed cavities or other issues. All of these could present as sensitivity in the early stages.

All Dental Center Watertown wants to be part of the solution with your Watertown dentistry. Make an appointment to have your teeth checked for what might be causing your sensitivity issues.

Call All Dental Center Watertown today to seek out a solution for your dental needs in Watertown right away.

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