What to expect From an Orthodontic Dentist in Watertown

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What to expect From an Orthodontic Dentist in Watertown

Where can I find orthodontic treatment in Watertown? We guarantee that our dentist in Watertown will take care of more than just your teeth positioning. 

Call us today at All Dental Center in Watertown MA if you want to:

  • Straighten your crooked teeth
  • Improve your gum and teeth health
  • Avoid your teeth wearing disproportionately
  • Correct your irregular bite
  • Close your teeth gaps
  • Align your teeth tips.

How we do it

A typical orthodontic procedure in Watertown will use dental braces. Dental braces consist of bands, wires, and brackets:

  • Bands hold the appliance firmly in place
  • Brackets ensure the bands are connected to the forward facing side of the teeth
  • Wires are fed into the brackets and tightened to realign the teeth to the desired shape and position

The dental clinic also uses other tools to achieve the goals of an orthodontist. Wondering, “What other orthodontist tools will a dentist near me use?” The answer is headgear, palatal expanders, lip bumpers, and aligners.

Answers to common questions

1. Can grown-ups get orthodontic treatment?

According to dental clinic statistics, one in every five patients who experience the orthodontic procedure in Watertown is at least eighteen years of age. 

Adult teeth bones stop growing making the procedure longer. Nevertheless, the dentist in Watertown will ensure that the process eliminates gaps and crooked teeth. 

You will not regret making an appointment with the All Dental Center at Watertown, MA. 

2. Can I get straight teeth without dental braces?

Get an Invisalign at the dental clinic. Invisalign is a clear alternative to dental braces. With this option, your dentist in Watertown first creates a 3D image of your teeth.

Then, the All Dental Center dentists use the image to make your clear plastic aligners. You wear the aligners every day. The aligners can be removed when eating or brushing teeth.

Visit the orthodontic treatment in Watertown every two weeks to get a new set of aligners. The exchange provides you with adequate progress on your teeth realignment journey. 

3. This is expensive. Why?

At our Orthodontic procedure in Watertown, every cost is carefully considered. First, teeth take at least two years to realign correctly.

The dentist in Watertown sets appointments every 4 to 6 weeks to ensure that the procedure is successful. Also, the appointments help the dental clinic to make your best treatment plan.

Second, your dental braces are made from top quality material making them costly. Lastly, additional treatment procedures, such as tooth extractions and deep cleaning add to your overall treatment cost. 

Call us today at the All Dental Center in Watertown MA for any questions that you might have.

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