What is a dental sealant and how does it work?

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What is a dental sealant and how does it work?

Young children around age 6 start to develop their permanent molars. These teeth in the back of the mouth are extremely prone to tooth decay caused by food particles and germs that become lodged in the pits and grooves of the chewing surfaces.

At our family dental center in Watertown we use dental sealant to protect the teeth from those decay-causing invaders. The application of a sealant is a painless procedure that doesn’t require any drilling or debriding the tooth structure, so kids have no reason to worry about sitting in the dentist’s chair. (You can tell your child it won’t hurt at all!)

Your child's dental sealant procedure in our dental clinic in Watertown begins by thoroughly cleaning the tooth, and then applying a special gel to the surface. After just a few seconds the gel is washed off and the tooth is dried. The next step for our expert children’s dentist in Watertown is to paint the sealant on the tooth. A special light can be used to cure or harden the sealant, and the whole sealant process at our dental practice in Watertown is over in a few minutes.

Dental sealant leaves a thin, plastic coating that protects the tooth surface from decay, lasts about 5-10 years, and can be reapplied as needed.

Please call our local dental office in Watertown today regarding dental sealants to protect your children’s and for a full dental examination. 

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