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Medical science has come a long way in terms of aiding the healing process, with extraordinary advances in the field of soft tissue injuries. At our state-of-the-art dental clinic in Watertown we are well versed with all of the latest technology and hi-tech equipment to provide our patients with the highest level of professional, quality dental care.

In the case of wisdom teeth extractions, or in fact any tooth removal, we are excited to offer an extremely beneficial new procedure that has been found in recent studies to elevate your body's own natural healing abilities. PRP therapy, or Plasma Rich Platelet therapy is known to boost post tooth extraction tissue repair and bone formation by delivering an increased amount of your natural healing platelet cells to the site. By injecting a significantly concentrated amount of your own platelet cells into the site of a wisdom tooth extraction, your dentist in Watertown is able to help your body heal itself more quickly and successfully.

At our reputable dental office in Watertown, we are pleased to be able to provide our patients with the very best in professional dentistry, and with the new PRP therapy we can now even help you heal faster from teeth extractions. We are also happy to help you care for all of your dental needs, and urge you to maintain regular checkups at our Watertown dental clinic.

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