The Benefits of Periodontal Therapy

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The Benefits of Periodontal Therapy

Periodontitis is a gum infection that destroys the bone that supports the teeth and damages the soft tissue in the mouth. It can cause tooth loss or lead to serious health problems. 

Patients with periodontal disease at All Dental in Watertown will have access to many solutions for dealing with this dental issue:

Treatment Goals

The goal of treatment for periodontitis is to thoroughly clean around the teeth and in the pockets. This will prevent further damage of the bone. Treatment may be performed by a dental hygienist, a dentist or a periodontist. Successful treatment occurs when a daily routine of oral care is adopted at home in addition to the procedures being conducted at the dental office. Please remember that you have to brush at least 2 times a day and floss every day, then any dental treatment will not work effectively.

Less Invasive Treatments

Less invasive procedures may be recommended at All Dental Center in Watertown, if the periodontitis isn’t too far advanced. This may include Scaling which removes tartar and bacteria from the tooth surfaces and under the gums. Root Planing is the smoothing of the root surfaces to discourage further damage from tartar and bacterial buildup. ARESTIN treatment may be prescribed after Scaling or Root Planing in order to minimize periodontal pocket’s depth.


After Scaling and Root Planing, your dentist in Watertown may recommend and can apply a product called ARESTIN to help treat gum disease. ARESTIN is an antibiotic that kills bacteria. It is placed in periodontal pocket below the gum line. Unlike pills, ARESTIN works faster as it is applied directly where you need it, without exposing the rest of the body to antibiotics. The Arestin will continue its release for up to two weeks and eventually dissolve on its own.

To achieve the best results from the Arestin therapy you should take following precautions:

  • Avoid touching the treated areas.
  • Wait 12 hours after your treatment before brushing teeth.
  • Avoid chewing hard, crunchy, or sticky foods such as carrots, taffy, and gum for 7 days.
  • Wait 10 days before using floss, toothpicks, or other devices designed to clean between the treated teeth.
  • After 10 days, resume cleaning between the treated teeth on a daily basis.

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