Teeth Fillings - Pros and Cons

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Teeth Fillings - Pros and Cons

Here at All Dental Center Watertown we want our patients to understand the different materials available for tooth fillings. But most importantly we want to encourage our patients to make an educated decision regarding which material they choose. Just because a material is cheap and inexpensive does not mean it’s the right material for your situation. Let our trained, professional Watertown family dentists help you make the right decision. 

  1. Amalgam Teeth Filling 
    Also known as silver filling, this consists of a mix of mercury and other metals. This material is dated. It was used years ago and over time the fillings were turning black in many patients. This material also contains mercury which caused health concerns. We do not use amalgam for filling teeth at All Dental Center because we would never put the health of our patients at risk.
  2. Porcelain Filling  or Ceramic Filling 
    The mix of this filling consists of porcelain, glass-like material or ceramic. It is mostly used for crowns, veneers, and inlays. 

    Top Advantages: 
  • Perfect match to teeth
  • Good resistance to decay
  • Highly resistant to surface wear
  • Leakage resistant

    Top Disadvantages:
  • Prone to cracking
  • Not recommended for use on molars
  • Expensive

    3. Composite Filling or Resin Filling 
    This is a resin material used mostly for the replacement of chipped teeth, fillings, veneers and inlays. Composite fillings are the most popular type of filling used today and they are typically the type of filling we recommend to our patients. 

    Top Advantages:
  • Ability to perfectly match the color of teeth
  • Strong enough material to support moderate chewing
  • Permits the preservation of maximum amount of tooth
  • Low risk of leakage 
  • Low requirement of maintenance/repair

Although there are different types of fillings available in our world today, it does not mean each type is right for you. Let a professional dentist in Watertown at All Dental Center help you make the best decision for your continued optimum oral health

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