Osteoporosis Drugs May Cause Dental Issues

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Osteoporosis Drugs May Cause Dental Issues

Drugs such as Fosamax® and Actonel® which are bisphosphonates are commonly used to treat and prevent osteoporosis. These drugs have been known to reduce the chances of a patient experiencing a bone fracture and they reduce bone loss in many cases. The National Osteoporosis Foundation recently reported that these drugs may cause a potential condition called Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (ONJ). This condition takes place after a patient has had a dental treatment completed or has experienced trauma to the face. The lower jaw bone becomes visible and the wound heals slowly, sometimes becoming infected.

Regular dental care in Watertown, special mouth rinses and antibiotics are all used to combat the condition. Do not stop taking medications prescribed by your doctor. Discuss your situation with a specialist at All Dental Center in Watertown and together a dental treatment plan can be achieved.

At All Dental Center we care about the oral health of our patients and like to provide information that may be helpful in identifying and eliminating potential problems before they begin.

We will continue to provide updates on ONJ as they become available.

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