Options for Replacing a Front Tooth

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Options for Replacing a Front Tooth

Sometimes life happens! Teeth get knocked out and egos get bruised. Looking in the mirror with a missing front tooth can really cause some self-esteem issues. Don’t be depressed, see your dentist in Watertown immediately and let us get you smiling again. There are options for a missing front tooth. Once we look over your medical records and inspect your mouth we will come up with some good options for you. 

Dental Implants 

Since the 1980’s dental implants have been a popular choice for replacing missing teeth. These implants are made of titanium and have a 95% success rate. They last a long time and allow you to floss normally since the missing tooth is not attached to other teeth. A screw is implanted into the jaw bone where the space from the missing tooth is. The screw is made with a material that helps it to fuse to the bone. A patient must have enough bone and soft tissue to hold the implant. After three months of healing a cap or crown is attached. 

Fixed Bridges

A fixed bridge is a permanent option for tooth replacement. This procedure forms a bridge across the area where the tooth is missing. A fixed bridge is a great option for patients who have very little bone or loose adjacent teeth because it ties the teeth together and creates strength. Fixed bridges can be completed faster than implants and there are no surgical procedures involved. 

Bonded Bridges 

This option is less costly but does not last as long. Bonded bridges last from five to ten years. The procedure restores a missing tooth without cutting down adjacent teeth. Bridges maintain the shape of the face and alleviates the stress in the bite. 

Dentistry in Watertown has never been easier to find. If you have a missing front tooth and need help, call All Dental Center today. From replacing front teeth to Zoom Whitening in Watertown, we have the services to give your family a lifetime of smiles. 

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