How to Avoid & Treat Tooth Decay

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How to Avoid & Treat Tooth Decay

All Dental Center in Watertown wants you to know the facts about tooth decay and the importance of avoiding and treating it. Your dentist in Watertown cares about your dental health and well-being.

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What is Tooth Decay?

Germs and bacteria in your mouth produce acids that can eat away at the hard surface of the tooth, called enamel. Once a hole is formed, it's called a cavity. If the tooth decay is not treated promptly it can lead to pain, infection and tooth loss. A tooth has three separate layers. The further the decay reaches inside the tooth, the worse the damage. 

The Cause of Tooth Decay

Action of acids on the enamel can cause dental cavities or tooth decay. Food and drinks that we consume, especially ones that contain sugar, produce the acid, which leads to damage on the enamel and will lead to cavities. Please remember, that the acids attack your teeth for 20 min or more after you eat. If not taken care of, these acids will destroy tooth enamel and tooth decay will begin.

To Avoid Tooth Decay; 

  • Brush and floss regularly. 
  • Attend regular checkups and dental cleanings. 
  • Avoid foods that are high in sugar.
  • Use fluoride toothpaste. 
  • Don't smoke.
  • Visit your dentist at All Dental Center at least twice a year for cleaning and check up

How is Tooth Decay treated?

There are many solutions for treating tooth decay and each solution is unique to each patient and the severity of the tooth decay they have. After a dentist assesses the decay he/she may choose; a filling, crown, root canal, tooth removal or another solution. The best way to handle tooth decay is to avoid it altogether.

If you are concerned about decay, make an appointment for dental services in Watertown today. 

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