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Denture Care and Cleanliness

In our professional dental practice in Watertown, we always want to keep our patients smiling with confidence and enjoying good oral health. All Dental Center is happy to provide our affordable dentures to any individuals who are living with missing teeth, whether from age-related tooth loss, periodontal disease, or from an injury. Our well-trained dentist can fit you with comfortable, aesthetically pleasing dentures or denture partials, and assist you in your ability to chew your food, speak clearly and maintain a healthy smile.

Caring for your dentures properly will help you keep these marvelous benefits for many years.

At the All Dental Center dental clinic in Watertown we want you to know how to take care of your dentures and the best ways to keep them clean. Just as with your natural teeth, you need to brush and floss your dentures regularly, and rinse them clean. It's okay to use mild soap or dishwashing liquid for brushing, but regular toothpaste may contain abrasives that will scratch your dentures or wear them down, so choose toothpaste made specifically for dentures, and also choose a soft-bristled toothbrush.

It's also great to soak your dentures daily in either an effervescent cleansing solution or in an ultra-sonic cleansing tub. This will help deodorize them and prevent stains and discoloration. Never use bleach to soak your dentures trying to whiten them, because you'll also discolor the pink dental plate. Keeping your dentures clean helps you maintain your good oral health, and keeps you feeling confident enough to eat what you want and continue smiling.

And be sure to make appointments with our dental office in Watertown for regular checkups!

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