Bone Grafting - What to Expect

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Bone Grafting - What to Expect

If your dentist tells you a bone graft is necessary to obtain optimal oral health, don't panic, it's not as bad as it sounds. A qualified dentist at All Dental Center Watertown, can give you an estimate on how long it will take from start to completion. 

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The Procedure 

In simple terms a bone graft is the replacement of the bone around the teeth. A bone graft may be needed to replace bone due to destruction from periodontal disease, dental trauma, to allow for an dental implant, for esthetics or other reasons. For a simple bone graft a periodontist will typically numb the area, separate the gums from the teeth to be able to access the roots and bone, clean the area, fill the holes with grafting material and cover the area with a barrier. If the graft is being completed for a future dental implant, it may take three to six months for the bone graft to heal before the implant surgery can occur. 

All Dental Center Provides Quotes on Bone Grafting!

At All Dental Center Watertown, we can give you quotes on dental procedures you need completed after an initial consultation. We will check with your insurance companies to see what is covered and we can give you a good idea of how much it will cost and how much time it will take. We have exceptional periodontists on staff that would be happy to help you. 

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