Are antibiotics before dental procedures reliable?

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Are antibiotics before dental procedures reliable?

In an effort to deter the odds of releasing bacteria into the blood, hip prostheses patients may have been informed that they should take antibiotics before letting a dentist clean their teeth, do scaling or other dental procedures. The main concern for people is the risk of getting bacteria or bacteremia in the bloodstream resulting in an infection by spreading to the surrounding tissues of a replacement joint or by attaching to the joint itself.

These situations are rare in nature.

So rare in fact, that the ADA or American Dental Association advices some patients not to use antibiotics before dental procedures. They feel the possible adverse reactions to the drugs may outweigh the benefits. Regardless, there are still some patients who are at a higher risk and more apt to get bacteremia so antibiotics may still be prescribed for them.

Before taking antibiotics for a dental procedure it is always a good idea to contact a health care provider or to ask your dentist if antibiotics are right for you. The friendly folks at All Dental in Watertown, Massachusetts, will be more than happy to discuss antibiotics or any other issues you have regarding your oral health. A weekly column on dental issues is provided to keep you up to speed on the latest happenings in the dental industry. Research, innovations and new procedures are constantly changing the way dentists operate. Staying current is important to the staff at All Dental, they want to make sure patients are treated with the most advanced, comfortable methods available.

Note: Type 1 diabetes, hemophilia, inflammatory arthritis or immune-compromised patients may still receive pre-treatment antibiotics. A dental or medical professional will make this determination.

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