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If you live in the Waltham, Watertown, Brookline, or Newton area, the dentistry professionals at All Dental would be happy to give you an individual consultation. Our Watertown dental office accepts a variety of insurances and is considered “In Network” for most major carriers: Mass Health, Medicare, Medicaid, United Health Care SCO, Delta Dental, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and many more. Contact our staff to make an appointment.


Do you have a cracked tooth that is causing you pain and agony? The licensed Watertown dental professionals at our clinic can help you. We offer emergency tooth restoration services that will help to eliminate your mental and physical pain and suffering. We can also offer tooth/teeth replacements if needed. Giving you a smile that is beautiful and pain-free is our guarantee. Contact our Watertown dental clinic today!


If you’re dealing with periodontal disease or other bacterial infections, our emergency dentists in Watertown can offer procedures that will treat the problem. It’s important to be seen by a dental professional right away if you suspect that this is an issue. When left untreated, this can turn into a widespread oral problem. More than 75 percent of Americans over 35 years old have acute or major periodontal disorders.


The first thing you need to know about sedation dentistry is that at All Dental Center in Watertown, we won’t judge you for choosing this type of dentistry. If going to the dentist makes you uneasy, nervous or stressed out then you need another option. Your local dentist is grateful that there are options for those who would otherwise not go to the dentist.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is basically using medicines to help patients relax and rest comfortably while having dental work completed. At our dental clinic in Watertown, we offer the use of sedative drugs to calm and relax patients. Sedatives can be depressants, nitrous oxide, tranquillizers or anti-anxiety medications that are administered by a trained professional. During sedation patients remain conscious but often are so relaxed that they feel like they slept through the appointment. In reality an appointment may take hours while a patient feels like it was only minutes. Sedation allows dentists at All Dental in Watertown to complete complex procedures in one visit versus having a patient return multiple times.

Sedation Dentistry Can Help Overcome Dental Phobias

If you or a loved one is reluctant to go to the dentist because of a fear or dental phobia, consider sedation dentistry at All Dental Clinic in Watertown. From regular check-ups to complete reconstructions, we can help you overcome your fears and walk away with the beautiful smile you deserve. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Watertown, we’ve got you covered. From dental implants to invisible braces and everything in between, we have the services necessary for a lifetime of optimal dental health. Contact our family dentistry office and set up an appointment today. Let us introduce you to sedation dentistry and end your dental fears once and for all.


Imagine sitting in the dental chair and feeling no pain, no discomfort and no stress while having a dental procedure completed. This can be a reality at All Dental in Watertown!

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation Dentistry is having dental procedures completed without fear or anxiety. There are different types of sedation dentistry available. Your dentist in Watertown will decide which sedation product is the best for you and your situation.

Types of Sedation

Monitored Anesthesia Care РOne type of sedation dentistry is called Monitored anesthesia care (MAC). This type of sedation mixes oral sedation with a local anesthetic infiltration or nerve blocks. This procedure requires an anesthesiologist to administer the drugs and to watch the welfare of the patient during the procedure.

Oral Sedation¬†‚Äď Oral sedation can range from minimal to moderate depending on your needs. For minimal sedation a pill is taken one hour prior to the procedure. Typically, the medication is Halcion which is similar to Valium however your dentist may decide to use something different. This pill will make you drowsy but you will still be awake. A larger dose will be given for moderate sedation. Large doses assist in helping patients sleep during the procedure.

Nitrous Oxide¬†‚Äď Also known as ‚Äėlaughing gas‚Äô this method combines nitrous oxide with oxygen that is administered through the nose via a mask that is placed over your nose. This sedation allows you to relax and remain calm throughout your procedure. You may be able to drive yourself home after this procedure.

Dental Solutions

At All Dental Dentistry in Watertown we are committed to finding solutions for every patient’s needs. Sedation dentistry is a method we use to help our patients with dental anxiety issues. We can help you no matter what your dental situation.

If you are looking for sedation dental services in Watertown, call All Dental Center and make an appointment. After your first sedation appointment, your fears will be conquered and you will be on the road to better dental health.


Sedation is one of the latest methods of fear control in dentistry. Modern developments in pharmacology have given dentists oral drugs that produce a profound state of relaxation. Such level of safety was not possible just 10 years ago.
Taken as a pill one hour prior to the start of dental treatment, this sedative technique is very well accepted by patients.

Sedation Dentistry РBenefits

  • Relax through your¬†dental appointment.
  • Small pill prior to dental treatment, no intravenous tubes or needles.
  • About 50% of patients have no memory of the dental procedures performed.
  • Short recovery time.
  • Less post-treatment pain.
  • Complex dental treatments that often require six to eight appointments (like¬†dental crowns,¬†root canals,¬†Periodontic treatments,¬†dental surgeries), can be done in as little as one visit!

Do you need sedation? Yes, if you …

  • If you had bad dental experience before.
  • If you are afraid of needles and shots.
  • If you just can’t get numb.
  • If your teeth are just too far gone.
  • If you have a very busy schedule.

Once you’ve experienced¬†sedation dentistry¬†with¬†All Dental Center in Watertown, MA, you’ll never be afraid to go to the dentist again.
You’ll be sedated just enough to be unaware of the treatment, as if you were relaxing. ¬†You’ll wake up refreshed, with little or no memory of what was accomplished. ¬†Because you are completely comfortable, we at All Dental Center in Watertown, MA can do years of dental treatments in as little as one or two visits.
We can restore sore gums, fix a chipped tooth, perform a root canal treatment, replace crowns and bridges, whiten teeth, and more.
People with very busy schedules can get the dental care they need, easily and quickly in one or two visits.

All Dental Center will take care of your dental needs while you relax!


When it comes to visiting the dentist patients of all ages often times experience anxiety and fear that stops them from coming to the¬†dental office in Watertown¬†routinely to have the necessary¬†dental care¬†procedures performed. Though this is entirely natural and common, it isn’t the most beneficial to your overall¬†dental health. To help ease your feelings at All Dental Watertown we can perform all different types of procedures with the help of¬†sedation dentistry.

This means that you will have absolutely no recollection of the procedure.

MAC is not only beneficial to you but the dentist as well as he/she will be able to work without any sort of struggle of fear from the patient. Throughout the entire process the MAC anesthesiologist is by your side monitoring your progress and vital signs. This allows the dentist to focus on the dental work at hand instead of monitoring and working to fix your teeth.

With MAC you can have an anxiety-free visit to the dentist. Trust us to provide you with an experienced MAC anesthesiologist that can make any dental procedure a breeze. Count on sedation dentistry to ensure your dental health is optimal.

Remember you don’t have to suffer through a dental procedure ever again!

We can properly relax you and put your mind into a tranquil state until the procedure is finished.

Don’t let fear and anxiety ruin your dental health. Come to use at All Dental Watertown for trusted sedation dentistry!

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