Healthy Oral Habits for Healthy Teeth

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Healthy Oral Habits for Healthy Teeth

The specialists at All Dental Center in Watertown known how important your oral health is. There are a number of things that you can do to protect your teeth, and make your regular visits with All Dental Center more enjoyable. Developing healthy oral habits helps keep your teeth, gums and mouth healthy. Not only are good habits important to develop, but breaking some bad habits will also help keep your oral health in tip top shape. Regular oral care habits help fight plaque in, on and around your teeth and gum line. Fighting plaque helps discourage bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease

Brush Twice A Day To Keep The Plaque Away

By taking only a few minutes each day, you can establish healthy oral routines to clean and protect your teeth for a lifetime. Developing healthy brushing habits is the most important starting point in caring for your oral health. Brush your teeth at least two times per day for at least two to three minutes each time. While brushing pay special attention to all surfaces of your teeth, including outer surfaces, inner surfaces and the chewing surfaces. 

Mouthwash And Floss Makes Sure All Is Not Lost

While brushing is important, it only removes some of the bacteria from your teeth. Flossing helps removes more from the spaces between teeth. Flossing should be done once a day after you brush your teeth. Antiseptic mouthwashes also help remove bacteria from the gum line and between teeth. 

Eat Right To Fight The Fight

Oral care habits are vitally important to maintaining a healthy mouth however your food choices are equally important. Eating proper foods help protect your teeth, while others can break tooth enamel down and cause tooth decay. Fruits and vegetables should be incorporated in large parts into your diet. High sugary foods should be avoided. Crunchy fruits and vegetables can help increase the production of saliva in the mouth. This saliva helps decrease the amount of bacteria that lies between your teeth. 

Break Your Bad Bad Habits Not Your Teeth

Breaking bad habits that can ultimately harm your teeth is equally as important as developing healthy habits. Chewing on ice cubes can actually cause teeth to fracture, and cause microscopic cracks in the surface of the enamel, both of which lead to bigger dental problems over time. Choose crushed ice in your drinks to minimize the urge to chew the ice. Teeth are not tools, and unfortunately Dentists encounter many patients who use their teeth in that manner. Teeth were not meant for opening things, gripping small things or un-bending a bent item. This traumatizes teeth and can cause fractures. Keep small tools such as scissors and needle nosed pliers in accessible places to minimize this. Grinding your teeth wears teeth down. To minimize grinding, use a mouth guard, especially at night time when sleeping. 

Twice a Year to Ensure Bacteria is Clear

Getting regular dental checkups is a good habit to start and maintain throughout your life. Regular dental checkups help keep teeth clean and healthy. Detection of tooth decay and other problems can also be caught early and treated with proper dental care. Dental visits with the Dental Clinic in Watertown should be scheduled twice per year. 

Set The Stage Starting At Six Months Of Age

Developing proper dental habits can be beneficial at any time in life, but helping children develop proper oral care habits can lead to a lifetime of healthy teeth. Children should have their first dental visit within six months after their first tooth appears. Brush baby's teeth with a soft toothbrush with no toothpaste. After age two, supervise children in teeth brushing, at least twice a day, with a pea sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. Ensure they brush all parts of their teeth and make sure they spit out the toothpaste when done brushing. Help children learn healthy flossing habits, so once they are old enough, and capable, they can floss regularly as well. Teaching children healthy dental habits from an early age will help them keep these habits throughout their life. Watertown Dental Clinic specializes in children’s dentistry to care for your little one’s teeth from the start. 

The dentists at the Dental Clinic in Watertown take the dental health of all patients, old and young, seriously. Trust us to assist you in developing good oral care routines for yourself and your children. We can offer advice and tips to help you and your child protect your smile.

We understand the importance of proper dental care and want to help you not only establish these routines, but keep them as well. 


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