Are sports drinks giving your teeth a workout?

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Are sports drinks giving your teeth a workout?

Sometimes making healthy choices for your diet can cause problems for your teeth.

Consuming sports drinks may be a better option than sodas for your weight, yet they can still cause damage to your tooth enamel. Your concerned family dentist in Watertown has discovered research that reveals how the citric acid in most leading sports drinks actually dissolves part of the enamel protecting your teeth.

We have found that some of our patients in our dental practice in Watertown who are extremely athletic and healthy are still having problems with tooth decay. The study in question involved submerging teeth in sports drink for about 90 minutes to replicate a day of drinking sports drinks. The astonishing results were what is known as “erosive tooth wear,” meaning the surface enamel was actually eroded by the sports drink.

We all only get one set of permanent teeth to last our life time, and in order to keep them strong and healthy we need to take steps to protect our teeth. These steps include choosing enamel-friendly beverages, regular brushing and flossing, and professional oral health care in our local dental clinic in Watertown.

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