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Modern general dentistry is pretty complex and covers a huge variety of different dental techniques and special procedures. It also includes such things as Prosthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry. If you need one of these procedures or have questions, make an appointment or visit "All Dental Center" in Watertown, MA.

Our Services in Dental Office

There are many different dental procedures available to help you have healthy, nice looking teeth and it's much easier and more convenient to have them done in the same dental office. We offer you more services than other dental offices in the area. We offer; orthodontics, prosthodontics, periodontics and endodontics. All of your dental problems can easily be solved here

At "All Dental Center" we rely on highly qualified specialists but we also try to use the latest technology and modern equipment. For example you can get a view of your own mouth with a special intraoral camera that we have in the office. Such a device allows the discussion of possible aspects of any dental procedures to be performed. Waiting in the lounge or sitting in the chair, all of our patients can watch special DVD presentations that explain different procedures. Such presentations are very informative and help patients feel more relaxed and confident.

All Dental Center was the second dental office in the state of Massachusetts, to offer the "BriteSmile™" tooth whitening procedure. After a consultation with patients our dentists will determine of this is the best option for you. Home bleaching kits are also available for your use at home.

Cosmetic Dentistry

we have a huge variety of procedures to offer. These include different types of bleaching, special tooth colored fillings, bonding or veneers and many others. We even have a special computer system that allows modeling your future smile before we perform any of the procedures. We are ready to make your smile perfect!

Sedation Dentistry

is a way to help people feel relaxed and comfortable during different dental procedures. Many people are afraid of a dentist's chair but avoiding dental treatment can lead to serious problems. Sedation dentistry helps to overcome this common phobia. Special seductive drugs are used to produce a calm sensation for the patient. With sedation dentistry most people feel like the treatment procedure lasts only a few minutes. In most cases the technique also allows reduced post treatment pain.


is a field of dentistry related to the prevention and treatments to what is referred to as "bad bite" (professional term for facial or dental irregularities is malocclusion). Orthodontics treatment focuses on modification of facial growth although in some cases it can be focused only on dental displacement. To achieve the balance and alignment of teeth and jaws different corrective appliances like braces may be used. To achieve the best results, orthodontics specialists have to be experienced and at "All Dental Center", you can get the professional orthodontics treatment you need. Such treatment not only improves a patient's heath but also changes his/her appearance which can increase confidence.


is a specialty oriented on diagnosis, treatments and prevention of periodontal diseases also known as gum diseases. These are infections of tissues surrounding the tooth that can be caused by different systemic diseases or poor oral hygiene. If an infection is not treated correctly and on time it can destroy supporting tissues and lead to tooth loss. There are various kinds of gum diseases and different types of treatments that are used. In most cases, gum disease is caused by bacterial plaque. One of the problems concerning gum disease is that many patients don't know they are infected. The statistic show that in North America 75% of people 35 years of age and older, are experiencing one of the forms of gum disease. This makes prevention really important and we recommend visiting "All Dental Center" for a checkup.


is a field of dentistry that covers treatments of tooth pulp and all of the tissues that surround the roots of the tooth. Pulp can become injured - in these cases endodontic treatment is essential. Our specialists here in Watertown, have the necessary skills and experience to handle the most complex cases. It is not easy to determine the reason for facial or oral pain. Our dentists have the latest modern equipment, surgical and non-surgical skills and the ability to treat routine cases of any complexity. Visit us at "All Dental Center" for all of your Endodontics needs!


is a section of dentistry that deals with restorations - prostheses, implants, crown, dentures, etc. The main goal of prosthodontics is to maintain patient's oral function. Such a treatment helps get better appearance, provide comfort and of course improve dental health. We provide a complete list of prosthodontics treatment procedures for our patients in Watertown and Waltham.

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