Make the Most of Your Insurance

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Make the Most of Your Insurance

At All Dental in Watertown, getting the most dental care for your buck is of great importance.

Your oral health is important, and with December 31 growing closer and closer, it is all the more reason to contact your dentist in Watertown and schedule needed checkups, dental cleanings, and oral surgeries. If you are in the Boston or Watertown areas, All Dental understands the growing need for patients to make use of the remaining coverage in the given insurance year. Their expert dentistry staff will work to ensure your teeth and gums are the healthiest they have been in years.

Why is it important to make use of each year’s insurance coverage?

You might be saying, "But no major emergencies occurred this year. I was fine and even had some coverage leftover."

We all have those years. However, you pay for dental insurance so it will cover you and your family in times of emergency, when the financial burden would otherwise become so cumbersome that you feel like you are adrift in open seas and sinking under the financial weight. Here are some major concerns about how insurance works to help keep this from happening to you or your family.

  • Annual Maximum Limits – Insurance companies traditionally have a limit of what they will cover each year. If your surgeries, cleanings, and other oral-health needs exceed that limit, you will be responsible for the total remaining cost. 
  • Insurance Premiums – You are paying premiums each month just to have your current insurance coverage. This regularly covers some preventive measures like cleanings and exams, so take advantage of what you have already paid for.
  • Preventive Oral Care – Making sure your teeth are in good condition through exams, cleanings, and oral-health assessments every six months will enable your dentist to catch problems early.
  • No Rollover – Unlike cellphone companies, insurance companies do not have rollover. When December 31 passes, not only do you pay a new deductible for the year but you also lose any remaining coverage the insurance company would have paid in the previous year.

Recommended Dental Treatments:

Before December 31, call All Dental in Watertown or your dentist to make an appointment and have any of the following oral-health procedures completed.

If you are unsure how much coverage remains on your insurance plan for the year, contact your dentist or the All Dental office in Watertown. The treatment coordinator would be happy to find out for you.

Take advantage of what you are already paying for.

Make an appointment for annual exams, cleanings, and last-minute oral procedures today.

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