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Our smiles are multi-dimensional and there are various factors that play a part in whether we enjoy or dislike our teeth. One factor that contributes to a nice smile is the color of your teeth. As we age and due to other habits such as coffee and smoking, our teeth can become discolored. When this happens many people will rush to the nearest store to purchase an over-the-counter teeth whitening system. Though these systems as safe and FDA approved, the American Dental Society suggests consulting with your dentist before applying any type of teeth whitening product to your teeth.

The active ingredient in most teeth whitening systems is either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Though these ingredients are not extremely harmful to the average dental patient, they can cause discomfort for those with gum recession or sensitive teeth. It's important to know if you suffer from any of these dental conditions before applying these ingredients to your teeth. Visiting a dentist before using these products will also give you a chance to ensure that they will provide you the results you want, but often times these products fall short.

If you're looking to truly improve your smile and rid your teeth of stains and discoloration properly come to All Dental Watertown. At our dental clinic in Watertown we can provide you with top of the line teeth whitening methods that are sure to work such as BriteSmile™, a whitening system that will whiten your teeth noticeably!
The great part about in-office teeth whitening is that it only requires one visit to one of our dentists and then you're able to leave with a whiter and brighter smile! This means no need for daily applications of your at-home whitening method.

Don't waste time and money on at home whitening systems.

Instead contact us to set up an appointment with a dentist that can have your teeth whiter in just a few hours!
Once you leave our office you'll be amazed at how much you love your new smile.

We guarantee you'll leave our doors smiling ear to ear.

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