Dental Braces Or Invisalign: Which Orthodontics Is Right For Your Teen?

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Dental Braces Or Invisalign: Which Orthodontics Is Right For Your Teen?

Parents deciding between dental braces and Invisalign for their teens turn to our expert orthodontist in Watertown to guide them toward the best decision and then provide effective treatment. Schedule a consultation with our great orthodontist today to learn what would be the best option for your child.

There are some differences between dental braces and Invisalign that you should consider when opting for orthodontics in Watertown:

  • Comfort and Convenience: Dental adhesive holds braces in place for the months or years that treatment requires. Invisalign can be removed for eating, special occasions, and other reasons.
  • Appearance: Invisalign trays are almost invisible and hard to notice in social situations, while dental braces have a metallic appearance and can be seen by observers. Some teens are more self-conscious than others. Invisalign may be a better choice for them.
  • Efficiency: Both options are effective for different dental situations. Invisalign is not recommended for people with complicated dental issues; they are a better choice for resolving minor imperfections. Teen patients requiring orthodontic treatment in Watertown often recommended traditional braces to create the beautiful smile they seek.

Let’s work together to put a smile on your child’s face! Call us to schedule an appointment and get professional advice on what orthodontic treatment is recommended for your teen.

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