Brush for Your Heart

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Brush for Your Heart

Amazing as it sounds a link has recently been found in heart attack victims showing they have higher levels of bacterial in their mouths than other subjects. Because bacteria from the mouth can enter the blood stream it's important to brush and floss teeth regularly.
It's also important to have your teeth professionally cleaned as tarter can build up along the gum line and trap bacteria. Regular dental visits can increase your overall health and reduce your risk of heart attacks and other issues. At All Dental Center in Watertown we have a Periodontist in Watertown on staff who can assess your mouth and help you with gum related issues such as gingivitis, gum recession or even dentures.

Other dental services we offer include: endodontist, prosthodontics and orthodontics. We have BriteSmile™, Invisalign™, cosmetic dentistry and offer crowns, dental implants, bridges and veneers.
You don't have to travel to multiple dental offices to get your dental work done; we do it all right here All Dental Center in Watertown with the latest techniques and equipment. We also offer sedation dentistry which is perfect for those with a low pain tolerance or for those that have difficulty feeling numb. Reduce the number of dental appointments needed and have work done on multiple teeth during the same visit.

Take a drive to 21 Main Street in Watertown and check out our beautiful facility.

We are a full-service dental office providing service to families throughout Watertown.

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