An Inside Look at Zoom Whitening Procedure

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An Inside Look at Zoom Whitening Procedure

Your dentist in Watertown is proud to offer the Zoom Whitening procedure. If dull, yellowed teeth are giving you a sad face, stop in for a consultation and walk out with teeth that are at least two to three shades whiter. Let us upgrade your smile! Having a brighter, whiter smile can increase your self-esteem. You put a lot of thought into your clothes and shoes, what about your smile? 

It Takes About One Hour

This in-office procedure takes about an hour including the exam. But keep in mind that the procedure works best following a dental cleaning. Once it’s established that you are heathy enough for whitening we can get started. The first step is noting the current shade of your teeth, so we can track the progress throughout the Zoom Whitening session. 

The Procedure

Prior to starting we will protect your gums and soft tissue from touching. A protective layer is then placed on your gums. The Zoom whitening product is then placed on your teeth and a special light is placed in front of your teeth. A typical whitening procedure is four, fifteen-minute sessions. After each session the dentist will check your progress and may add more whitening agent or may adjust the light in front of your teeth. When your session is over we will clean your mouth and let you admire the results. Dentistry in Watertown can give you amazing results!

•Some people may experience sensitivity issues during the treatment. Check with your dentist to see if he recommends taking Ibuprofen prior to your appointment. 

It’s easy to find Zoom Whitening in Watertown! Call All Dental Center today and have whiter teeth tomorrow. We are your local family dentistry office with services to give your optimal dental health for a lifetime. 


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