All Dental Center Watertown Offers Zirkonia Implants

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All Dental Center Watertown Offers Zirkonia Implants

Zirkonia Implants are a patented, high performance ceramic material that adopts the natural look and function of the teeth they replace. Titanium is metal and metal can cause a reaction with sensitive patients. Ceramics are accepted by the body as natural teeth. They look great, they are durable, and the function as well or better than the teeth you still have.

Zirkonia Implants are a great solution for missing teeth and can provide the perfect replacement. The Zirkonia Implant system is superior to other ceramic implant solutions due to is patented two component process.

Other implant systems use metal to hold the implants in place.

  • Metal leads to allergic reactions or titanium incompatibilities.
  • Metal conducts electricity and can lead to discomfort.
  • When gums recede or bone is thin, the dark grey color of titanium can show through looking unnatural and unsightly.

Zirlonia Implants use ceramics and avoid all of these issues the way traditional implants cannot.

Zirkonia Implants are distinguished by the manufacturing process and offers advantages over even other ceramic systems in use today.

  • Extremely biocompatiable and well tolerated by the human body.
  • Presents no metallic discomfort.
  • Shows excellent regeneration of gum tissue following the implant procedure.
  • Provides natural whiteness and a pleasing esthetic beyond any other system out there.
  • The laser modified, patented surface has an amazing success rate of over 98% which is unmatched and unrivaled by any other system.
  • Plasma sterilization results in the healthiest possible product and procedure for patients.
  • Zirkonia is the first two component ceramic system to meet the strict requirements of the FDA and thus this system can offer the absolute best fit and look possible in replacement implants.

All Dental Center Watertown is proud to offer this great and unmatched solution for our patients.

Call us at All Dental Center Watertown to see what we can do for you with Zirkonia Implants.

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